Who Are We?

The CRO Council is a professional risk management group comprised of Chief Risk Officers from 35 of the largest North American Life and P&C insurers.


Our Mission

We advance risk management across the insurance industry by promoting thought leadership and sound risk management practices while fostering collaboration.


Strategic Objectives

  • Promote the implementation and alignment of sound and practical legal and regulatory risk management requirements in North America with sound practices in risk management, and harmonization of these requirements across all jurisdictions

  • Pursue greater alignment of rating agency capital and liquidity assessments with sound risk practices

  • Coordinate with domestic and international regulators to advocate for the development and assessment of solvency requirements based, in part, on sound risk management practices and internal company-developed risk models, and the appropriate recognition of the benefits of risk identification, risk controls and risk diversification

  • Develop and advocate for risk disclosures that provide enhanced transparency into risk management activity and risk profiles to key stakeholders, including but not limited to regulators, policyholders, rating agencies, analysts and shareholders

  • Produce and distribute timely position papers on risk management issues with the goal of improving the risk management activities of all insurers

  • Foster open dialogue among members while embracing diverse perspectives and varying risk appetites


Meetings and Events

  • Quarterly Meetings - Quarterly Meetings are held for all CRO Council members to meet in person and discuss important Council and industry topics. The meetings are typically hosted by one of the CRO Council’s member companies.

  • Joint Meeting with European CRO Forum - The Council has an annual Joint Meeting, held in conjunction with the Q3 Quarterly Meeting, with the CRO Forum where members attend joint sessions and exchange ideas.

  • Annual Risk Manager Symposium - The Risk Manager Symposium is held to share best practices, improve technical knowledge, encourage professional development, and identify opportunities for potential CRO Council engagement. This meeting is held in conjunction with the Q4 Quarterly Meeting. Each member company is invited to select up to three individuals to attend. Past themes include Climate Risk and ESG, AI, and Evolving Risks.

  • CRO Roundtable Webinars - The CRO Council puts on Webinars for the public focusing on pertinent risk topics. Most recently, the group hosted a Roundtable Webinar featuring three CROs with over two hundred live viewers. Past Webinar topics have included Women in Risk Management and Emerging Risks in the Insurance Industry.


CRO Council Structure

The CRO Council is comprised of an Executive Committee, Governance Committee, and five working groups that support the Council’s objectives. Members of the working groups include Council members (CROs) and delegated associates with relevant expertise.

Working groups may spend their time assessing the potential impact of changes to industry practices, discussing upcoming regulatory matters with regulators and other external stakeholders, and developing whitepapers to help shape internal or industry discussions on key issues.

For more information, please see the Working Group Structure page.