Council Members

Financial Risk Committee Lead
Regulatory Affairs Committee Lead


Nick’s perspectives on the investment world come from a uniquely practical place and from his birds-eye view of the of evolution of the markets from 1980 through today. In 1980, while pursuing an economics degree at Colby College, Nick began a 31-year relationship with the Bank of New York Mellon as a summer intern. During his years with the bank, he served in a variety of roles, gaining market perspectives and insights into credit cycles, the dangers of leverage, and the benefits of evaluating long-term drivers in analytics. He saw firsthand, the financial crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and the evolution of the banking world from an originate and hold to an originate and distribute model, driven by changes headlined by Basel I.


In 2010, the opportunity to broaden his perspective came after joining one of the world’s largest insurance companies and coming to  understand how insurance assets and liabilities interact and evolve through time and stress. Today, he serves as chief risk officer of Prudential Financial where he oversees risk management activities and is afforded the opportunity to think about the future from an insurance company’s perspective, where short-term is 5-10 years and long-term is 30 years and beyond.Nick is chair of the Financial Risk Committee of the North American Chief Risk Officers’ Council. He is also a member of the Advisory Council for the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers and serves on the boards of several Prudential subsidiaries.While Silitch and his family live in New York City, they call Dublin, New Hampshire home.